Do you sometimes doubt that there is a future for you? Do you doubt that you have what it takes to create change within yourself and within the world? Here is something for your evolution.

In the time of the underground railroad people enslaved walked a line, at times not knowing if there was any choice, between freedom and remaining in fear, enslaved. The inability to percieve their own self-determination was a bi-product of the fear that had been used to enforce erasure of self. Those who survived the culture of spiritual annihilation had to confidently make way to a point of crossing, not out of desperation but out of faith that they were skilled enough to master the turning point of their own lives. Self-determination then meant that against all odds of brutality, trauma, the apparatus of the state, one had to refuse that fear and refuse that doubt in order to create a life of a world unknown.

There should be no attempt to fixate man, since it is his destiny to be unleashed. The density of history determines none of my acts. I am my own foundation. And it is by going beyond the historical and instrumental given that I initiate my cycle of freedom.

-Frantz Fanon

Image credit Lili Bernard, Writing by Zena Nicholson

Quotation taken from Fanon, F. Black Skin, White Masks (1952)