Do you fear death? Are you bothered by constant flashes of imminent mass extinction? Here is something for your evolution.

Pt. 2

Like the stones resound with the memory of what precedes ruins, primordial forces attest to the transience of human life.

Illusion is giving permanence to something flickering in and out of existence.

– Unnamed

A sustained line of inquiry into the world’s oldest visionary tools sheds light on the essence of power as being a natural constituent of all life whose core reflection is consciousness. In this way power can be taken away as much as experience can be stolen. It is an array of powers across all cultures that accounts for the intransient, vivified, unobservable aspect of the world within us as it takes place in the world around us. The world by virtue of these ideas and practices changes from within and furthermore, by this reasoning one may assume power in fulfilling one’s obligation to the satisfaction of the soul.

Satisfaction here may be through social change as in revolution, but revolution by its very nature must be brief. Revolution, like the pressure valve on a hot pot is fairly simple to engage, to be revolutionary, on the other hand, requires a depth within oneself. The most resounding emanation of power is to know oneself – as it is present at birth and as it shifts beyond death. To relinquish power is to allow the external world to determine who you are.

Image credit Jean-Michel Basquiat, Writing by Zena Nicholson