Is the reign of a government coming between you and your dreams? Do you feel pushed back from your own ability to act? Here are some points to consider.

Pt. 1

There’s nothing uncommon about reshaping history. New media bears witness to the pastiche of histories grounded in the ubiquitous quest for power. There’s the recurring history centering on the hegemony of Zion and the West. There’s the parallel history aligning expeditions of conquest coupled with indigenous resistance factions in decolonized terrain, including Asia, Europe, Africa, Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean. Both of these belong to a category of narrative pronouncing power of few over many. Power contracts and expands over territory through revolution out of tribe and empire however, by definition power must possess the duality of the empowered and the dispossessed.

One must appraise the power of empire as creativity in a lower form, and seek a definition of the term outside of the political which takes into account some five billion years of existence without entertaining presumtuous denial over the classing of others.

What then is power, truly?

Power is universal, it is elemental. In modern physics it is accounted for in the introspective impulse of the singularity. Merriam Webster defines it as “ability to act or produce an effect “. Creativity which yields resistance is by nature short-lived but power is resilient, it endures.

Though history may facilitate the rise and fall of many, few things are remembered:

  1. There is a power outside the realm of your control.

  2. There is wisdom other than yours.

  3. There is a world outside of you.

Image credit Ethan Higbee, Writing by Zena Nicholson

Quotation courtesy of Stephen Hamilton